Let’s send good vibes with recycled goods!



We recycle flags and banners that have been used at festivals and in local shopping streets, and with the help of social services in Setagaya and all of our volunteer staff, we create original goods.
The finished goods are sold during the festival, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause—the money collected goes on to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Through this festival, we aim for this project to send good vibes and well wishes to those in Setagaya Ward and East Japan.

Project Goals

  1. Eco-friendly activities
  2. Contributing to local community (support for social services, getting to know people where we live)
  3. Support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Project Sponsor

Toho Holdings Co., Ltd.

Recycled Goods

Some examples of goods made in the past. Their creators put their heart into every single one.

See 2018 goods here.